2017-2018 Class Schedule

2017-2018 Class Schedule
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Fall Classes Begin on Wednesday, September 6! 



4:15-5:00          Lyrical I (age 8-12) 

5:00-5:45          *Pre-Pointe/Pointe I (age 9+/age 11+) 

5:45-6:45          KinderKids - Tap & Ballet (age 5-6)

6:45-8:15          *Ballet Company (age 12-18)

8:15-9:15          *Int/Adv Contemporary (age 13+)         


4:15-5:00          Acrobatics (age 6-12) 

5:00-6:15   Kids Combo - Tap, Ballet & Jazz (age 6-8)

6:15-7:30          Ballet II (age 10+) 

7:30-8:15          Teen/Adult Tap II (age 13+) 

8:15-9:15          Musical Theatre (age 11-18) 


4:15-5:00         Jazz II (age 10+) 

5:00-5:45         Tap II (age 9-12)

5:45-6:30         Pre-School - Tap & Ballet (age 3-4)

6:30-7:15         *AcroBallet (age 11-18)

7:15-8:15         *Pointe II (age 12+)

8:15-9:15         *Lyrical III/IV (age 13+)


4:15-5:00         Jazz I (age 8-12)

5:00-5:45         Ballet I (age 8-12)

5:45-7:00         *Ballet III/IV (age 13+) 

7:00-8:00         *Jazz III/IV (age 13+) 

8:00-9:00         *Tap III/IV (age 12+) 


4:00-6:00         *Competition Team (Jan 2018-Apr 2018)


9:45-10:30       Tap I (age 9+)

10:30-11:30     Teen/Adult Ballet I (age 13+)

11:30-12:15     Lyrical II (age 10+)

12:15-1:00       Modern (age 11+)



Important Notes:

-Classes marked with * have a pre-requisite or require previous experience in that style.  New students at TPSB may be required to take a placement class before enrolling.

-Family Discounts are Available.

-All classes must have 5 students enrolled per class.  TPSB has the right to cancel or change a dance class if it does not meet the minimum enrollment requirement. 

-Due to quality dance instruction, classes will not exceed 18 students per class.  If a class is full, students will have the option to be put on a waiting list or enroll in another class.

-All class levels at TPSB are based on years of experience with an age guideline.  Some students progress at a faster or slower pace than others.  To avoid improper technique or an injury, some class levels may need to be repeated before a student advances to the next level.

-Miss Jackie will make the final decision on class placement.  No Exceptions.

-Class times are subject to change at any time before the 2017-2018 season begins. 




Dance classes will be canceled if bad, winter weather occurs.  TPSB will be following the Loyalsock Township School District's school cancellations.  When Loyalsock schools have an early dismissal due to weather, the dance studio will be closed that evening.  Please check the dance studio voicemail, TPSB Facebook page, and/or the website.  A final decision will always be made by 1:00pm.  TPSB may not be able to contact everyone on a snow day, so please utilize the options listed above.  Make up classes are always available.

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